Welcome to Elul

Welcome to my Elul Spiritual Writing Workshop. Elul, the Hebrew month which precedes the High Holiday season, offers an opportunity to begin digging deep, looking back on the year which is ending, looking back on how you lived in the year, discerning what can be learned from high moments and painful moments, and then mindfully imagining who you can continue becoming in the year ahead, aligning your day-to-day life with the center of who you are.

To support and facilitate this soul-searching, I will be providing a new set of writing prompts each Sunday from September 1 through September 22 to stir your memory and help you begin the process of teshuvah/ turning, which is at the heart of the Yamim Noraim/Days of Awe. I will send you a weekly email with a link to the newest prompts, or if you’ve missed a week, you can find links to all the previous prompts below.

Advice – in advance of Sunday September 1, buy a new notebook, one with pages large enough to stretch out thoughts and feelings. Why a notebook? Why write by hand? I’ll explain that along the way.

Each week you will receive a variety of prompts - you may choose to write on just one prompt or all, you may write once or twice during the week or each day – the choice is yours. You may want to do this writing solo, or choose a friend with whom to process the experience, or perhaps create a real-time group to write together and process. I encourage you to listen to the audio files each week to help orient you as you begin to experience the practice of spiritual writing, the rhythm of Elul, and for a host of suggestions to guide you on this journey.

Hodesh tov – wishing you a good month, and shana tova – wishing you a year of blessing.

Links to previous weeks’ prompts: